car insurance for foreign drivers in the usa

Can you get auto insurance using an international license in the U.S.?. Homeowners Insurance for Expats | Non US Citizens | Freign Nationals | in the US.

car insurance foreign driver license usa

We're travelling as tourists, so we have no address nor a work visa :( We also don't have a canadian drivers license (and I don't think we can optain one on a tourist visa). We'll get you the answer, or we'll tell you where to find it average car insurance cost in dubai. Can I get an auto insurance in the USA with a foreign driving license?. Depending on what an international student’s transportation needs are, the purchase of an automobile may not be necessary, especially if they are attending a university in a larger, metropolitan area. If the student is going to be living on-campus in a dorm or apartment, he or she can probably walk or ride a bike to classes. Also, public transportation will be able to transport the student wherever they need to go around the city where the university is located. Places like have excellent transportation systems in the form of buses and subways.

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