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Each state determines how long it will keep a DUI on your record dui auto insurance mn. In most states, an alcohol- or drug-related conviction will remain on your DMV record anywhere from five to 10 years. State Firm reviews DUIs on a case-by-case basis too. But the outcome also depends on which subsidiary you're with. If you have a preferred policy with State Firm Mutual Insurance Co.

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» Minnesota Insurance Minimums » Minnesota SR-22 Insurance » Minnesota DUI Laws » Minnesota Teen Auto Insurance » Minnesota Hands-Free Laws » Minnesota Auto Insurance Agents cheap decreasing term life insurance. For example, California, Florida and New York will keep it on your record for 10 years, while Arizona keeps it for five years dui car insurance minnesota. But some states are much stricter, like New Mexico, where a DUI conviction will remain on your record for 55 years.

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