insure an unregistered car

Does the term laid up mean that the car is not able to move under its own power, or that it is drivable and is covered just as long as you don't drive it? nj motor vehicle insurance laws. Main Navigation Home Page Your licence Your car Your driving skills Contact Us insure an unregistered car. Re: Can I File a Claim on My Insurance if My Car is Not Registere can i insure my brothers car.

can you insure an unregistered car

I'm asking specifically that question because some people say the car is covered and listed on the policy only to find a non-used vehicle had all other coverages suspended except comprehensive in order to save money or reduce loss risks by the agent can you insure an unregistered car. If this happened 10 months ago I'm sure you would remember but you would be surprised with people some days...

can i insure an unregistered car

can u insure an unregistered car

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